There are a variety of different flat roofing systems available currently, each one offering its own pros and cons.

Roofing felt offers one of the original options and modern advances have led to the creation of the 3-layer felt system.

The common substance used in this system is made from bitumen. It is then applied to a fibrous membrane which is typically made of fibreglass, polyester or hessian. A final coating of fire based sheets are then added on top to help improve the aesthetic appeal.

The 3 layers are as follows:

  • 1st Layer – A 3G perforated waterproof membrane

  • 2nd Layer – A sanded underlay which is torched-on and bonded to the layer beneath

  • 3rd Layer – A fire rated polyester based mineral cap sheet

What is the Lifespan of this type of roof?

This is dependent on how well the roof is maintained over the years. Whilst it requires only minimal maintenance, roofing felt can still be damaged by extreme weather so checks are necessary to see if any repairs are necessary.

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